The William Blake Experience (2014)

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On the cd and elaborate booklet The William Blake Experience are recorded new compositions of the famous Songs of Innocence and Experience by the poet William Blake by the composer Harke Jan van der Meulen.

Performed by the four members of vocal quartet Quatre Bouches (soprano, altlo, tenor, bass) and the Eisler Trio (soprano, cello, guitar). In the elaborate booklet, the poems are printed next to new made paintings by artist Anthony Paul, inspired by the poem next to it.

Below a summary of the tracks on the cd.

Innocence: Experience:
1. Introduction 12. Introduction
2. The Echoing Green 13. Earth's Answer
3. The Lamb 14. The Sick Rose
4. The Little Black Boy 15. The Tyger
5. The Blossom 16. The Garden of Love
6. Laughing Song 17. London
7. A Cradle Song 18. The Human Abstract
8. The Divine Image 19. The Schoolboy
9. Night 20. The Voice of the Ancient Bard
10. Infant Joy
11. A Dream